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Sloths are lazy love

hey check out my profile it has an awsome sloth colorbar in it for anyone who loves sloths its for you. I need to find my picture of Homer... the sloth at the Detroit Zoo. He is the cutest!
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Wow, that is totally awesome! I love the one who's yawning.
Oh my. Such cuteness and great quality of pictures. I must save and add to my userinfo...

I should really make my own sloth bar sometime. Anyone with half a brain can easily make a color bar. And I'm pretty sure I have half a brain...

that is totally awesome.
love your icon, sloths are just too cool.
i heart the johnny ones!
if you would like to see all of the colorbars I have collected they can be found on my photobucket site named "stalkerslothgod" and "piecesofyou22" there is a link to them in my info.