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It's a Big Big World!

Oh, oh, oh...! I just learned that there is a new Jim Henson puppet show on PBS, like Bear in the Big Blue House, but instead of an old bear it has a SLOTH named Snook! How cool is that? It's called It's a Big Big World. Looks like a cool show to say the least. I mean, c'mon. It has a SLOTH! :O

He's so cute!!! He even has a pink nose. < 3

Oh, and has anyone seen the Go, Diego, Go! cartoon on Nick Jr? It has several sloths in it, most importantly Sammy the baby sloth and his mommy sloth. And the show encourages kids to make sounds like a sloth, 'Eeeee! Eee!' Yeah, sloths go 'Eeee! Eee!'
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